There are an estimated 250,000 street kids in Kenya*


Children’s Fortress Africa’s vision is to see children and young people in Kenya reach their potential using the unique gifts and skills they have within them. Focusing on children and young people living on the streets of Nairobi, they aim to see children restored to families, families strengthened to care for and send their children to school, and young people given the opportunities and support required to overcome the challenges they face. Children’s Fortress Africa see this outworked through a range of activities, including family reunification, income-generation, education scholarships, community libraries, sports programs and advocacy efforts. They are working with government services, families, children, and young people to tackle issues leading to children living on the streets from all levels.


We are a grass roots volunteer based organisation operating with low overheads, who has representation on the ground working with the children in Nairobi, ensuring our resources have maximum impact.  Children's Fortress Africa is a registered 'not for profit organisation' (ABN 56 694 089 692) with the Australian government body 'Australian Charities and not for profit Commission' & we are also registered as an NGO with the Kenyan government.  

*Abdelgalil, 2004; UNCRC Report, 44th Session – Kenya