Informal Teaching

The informal education program to street children is aimed at improving a child learning, and a first step at getting them reintegrated to the formal schooling system partnering with Nairobi city county.  We assist the city county by sponsoring willing children in to primary and high school system giving them the great opportunity of a high school education that otherwise wouldn't be available. The teaching sessions are attended by up to 40 former street boys under city council care.  The program runs 5 days a week.  Willing boys are identified and after 3 months of attending the program are enrolled in the Kenya schooling system by our charity.

High School Sponsorship

In 2017 we are assisting 94 needy talented child with high school sponsorship.  The Government of Kenya provides primary education to students largely free, but high school education is not free! The average annual tuition fee for high school is $300. With 43% of the population living on just $1.25 AU a day, it means many kids miss out on an education that could break the poverty cycle in their lives. A donation towards education will empower a child to change their own world.

Library ​Project

Since May 2014 we have been running a library project in the slums.  In Dec 2016 we launched our new library in a 40ft shipping container in Kiambiu slum in Nairobi. The library is a valuable resource to the children in this community. The library averages 210 children attending per week.

Sports Outreach

We conduct sport outreach programs for street children and children at risk.  This program builds on their self esteem and gives them a sense of purpose and joy. Through sport we can encourage a sense of community and team work as well as build on individual skills and strengths. The kids have great fun! A donation towards this program will allow us to purchase new equipment.

Income Projects

We support families of former street children that have been reunited back home by empowering them with income generation projects. The families select the projects and we work with them. 8 income generation projects for families were initiated this past year. 


$100 will fund the reunification of a street child to a family member by our trained counselors, and also a follow up visit to check on the child’s progress.  We then work with the families encouraging and mentoring them and perform regular visits.  Working with local authorities since 2014 we have rescued 30 children from living on the streets and reintegrated to family unit.  All the children are now in schools and doing very well.  Children come to Nairobi the capital of Kenya from all over the country some travelling over 500 kilometers.  They travel by sneaking on to buses or trucks and once there get stuck in the perils of street life.

National ID Assistance ​

Many street people do not have national identity cards.  This means they are invisible people: they are unable to get a job, or access government services that are available.  Kenya’s government requires citizens over the age of eighteen to register with the National Registration Bureau and obtain a national ID.  The national ID card is supplied by the government for free.  However, as many street children don’t have a birth certificate, or registered birth then a hospital age assessment is needed, and the process is not as straightforward. Costs are involved in the age assessment check, along with transport needs for applicant.  We work to help street people gain access to this vital form of identification.