Ben Hay moved to Nairobi in August 2013 to follow his dream to help street children.  Ben first visited Kenya in 2009 and returned each year until he relocated. He lives in Nairobi with his wife Irene and young children Grace, Lisa & Zoey.  Ben has a passion for working with children and wants to show Gods love in action by serving those less fortunate then him.  

Ben - Co-founder & Director

Liah Coombs has a heart for missions and is passionate about serving others.  She has travelled to Africa numerous times and has seen first-hand the daily struggles, the depth of poverty and the ongoing fight to just survive that these children go through.  As a result, Liah is now an ongoing campaigner to be a voice on behalf of the children in Africa. She brings high level administration skills to the team & is currently studying at Stirling Theological College – Diploma of Theology.  In May 2018 Liah was nominated at Victorian Young Achiever Awards, in two seperate categories for work in local and overseas charity projects and speaking out on women’s rights.

Liah - Co-founder & Treasurer

Irene Hay has a passion for missions work and helping others.  She has volunteered with organisations in Australia and Kenya, and is currently based in Nairobi where she works as a graphic designer for a advertising firm.  Along with volunteering in the field for Children's Fortress Africa she is using her design talents to help us with our communications and media design work.  Irene has a degree in graphic design from Curtain University Western Australia.

Irene - Treasurer (Kenya board)

Kon has a desire to change the lives of those less fortunate than himself. He has travelled to Papua New Guinea on a mission trip and would like to make a difference by giving his time, business skills and finance advice to Children's Fortress Africa. He has a heart for children in Africa and is honoured to support this work. He holds qualifications in youth work and worked for the Victorian government as a child/youth worker for seven years and has been in business for himself for over 20 years. He would like to visit Kenya and continue his giving there and through this mission.

Kon - Secretary​

Cameron volunteered for Children's Fortress Africa for almost 3 months in 2015 serving street children and vulnerable children in Kenya. Cameron brings to our committee valuable insight and experience from the field, and a great passion to help the children.   Cameron enjoys rugby and gym.  Cameron has a background in management.

Cam - Board member

Elvis is a pastor in Nairobi slums community, and volunteers with us bringing lots of experience & expertise to our charity.  He is passionate about working with and helping youths reach their potential.

Elvis - Secretary (Kenya board)

Carol Kareji is the librarian of our Kiambiu slums community library.  Carol has been serving the children in the library project for 3 years in Kinyago, and now Kiambiu communities.  Carol has a diploma in early childhood development and education.

Carol - Librarian 

Tim has a heart for missions and helping people.  He has travelled to Thailand, Cambodia, Uganda and Kenya to perform missions work.  Tim is a trained engineer and has used his professional skills in mission projects in Thailand and Kenya.

Tim - Chairperson

Tim Coombs has spent time in Australia supporting many charities and different projects which help support underprivileged children over the past few years. His goal is to make a difference in the lives of children through the work of Children’s Fortress Africa and volunteers his time and energy to this cause.

Tim - ​Business Manager